List of Projects:

    S.No Name of the Faculty Title of the Project Amount Allocated Duration Type & Sponsoring agency
    1 Dr. Virendra Verma & Dr. C. Kamal Basha Magneto electric coupling in alternate multi-nano layers of ferroelectric and ferro magnetic materials on planner and stepped interface terminations Ongoing DST-SERB: ECRA, New Delhi Rs.34,49,600/-
    1 Dr. Jadeesh Babu Bellam Studies on TCO/TiO2 and TiO2/CH2NH2SnI2 interfaces deposited by spuering and spin coating for perovskite type solar cell applications Ongoing DST-SERB: ECRA, New Delhi Rs.48,02,580/-
  1. Equipments Physics Research Lab
  2. Research Scholars